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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Resumes - Why bother to Read Them

Recently my partner of almost 30 years lost his position. Well. let's be fair he was told to tender his resignation effective several month later or be let go immediately. He took the deal and hoped.  It was a no go they were cutting budgets and he was a casualty.

          So, he started to look for a job. He registered with the state employment agency. They send jobs that they think are a match based on his skill set. His skill set when it comes to computers includes MS Office and his level is what we used to call unsophisticated user.  Yeah I know, don't ask - but then again what I know about music might fill a thimble.

     So he gets the list of suggested jobs for him in his mailbox.  Java Developer,  Software design and my personal favorite Hardware tech support. Now 2 of these I am qualified for albeit marginally. Yet do I receive these in my searches?  No.
I have to ask on what are they matching and WHERE'S MINE?