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Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the Wake of the LULZ Boat

Just a quickie here with a link.  As most who read this probably know the hacking group LulzSec went on a 50 day tour. Each day they posted their successes on Twitter. Many encouraged and laughed along with them until the day they posted 550961 email addresses and passwords garnered from various places including hackforums.net, nato-bookshop.org, and several gaming forums. They told their followers to just try them in some places.  And all was a lot of fun and games until the reports started coming in. Some ordered books and other things using the combos in Amazon.com. These were no Bill Gates to whom 100.00 might be an annoyance, these are people from all over, gamers, some have money some do not and most have done LulzSec no harm. That was when the old skool ones stepped in. The quiet hackers that are spoken of in whispers and as legend by some. Sure some of them are TOO old skool. They maybe have lost the touch the or not kept up. But some were not. They moved on LulzSec. Hacker wars have begun - let the rest of us beware. Some have sworn to turn LulzSec over to the fed (sort of unhacker like), others have declared they will 'Show' the 'script kiddies' what hacking is. It is rumored that LulzSec site was hacked for under an hour, I have heard everything from 1 minute to 47.  Though 19 seems to be the standard and sounds about right.

Here is a site with the list of emails.  Search it, if you find you are on it change passwords to any and all sites that you even think maybe there is a chance you even THOUGHT of using a standard or similar password on. Do not panic, you may have to go only to page 347 on it instead all of the way to 1102. Yes, it is tedious - but it beats having your AMEX for work charged up and you being responsible for paying it.  Ih and stay off the porn sites - seems they got a lot from them too.

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Otli said...

This get me form an idea on how they hacked those accounts - cleartext password . . .