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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Traffic test

Once in a while I test out 'blogger tools' and ads. See the Entre Card over there? They CLAIM they bring lots of people to your blogs. See the Flag counter way down the page.. Hmm the  EntreCard site claims 14 people have visited my blog today so should be 15 accounted for on that flag list down there. I see 2 and one of them is me. We will see if the numbers change and I will update you on how effective this is,  One thing I CAN say, I picked up 3 readers on the Gaming Blog.  the one EntreCard still has not approved. So at least 3 people popped through and read enough to go see the link and go read the other blog.

1 comment:

John said...

Here's a hit from the U.K. for your flag list :-)

Entrecard works well if you have the time to visit a few popular blogs and click the drop button. About half of the bloggers will return the visit :-)